Choose to Try, Always!


She refuses to give up,

Giving up is not her take…

Setbacks won’t make it to heart,

For she will divert each one of them to mind…

Imperfect she is trying hard,

However, trying suffices the self….

Sufficed her will perform better,

May not now,

But one day for sure…..

Not to envy isn’t possible,

Focusing on the self more than essential…

Amid the unknown chaos,

Engulfed her is in shallow…

In the ocean of confidence,

Her self-esteem is feeling dry…

Embracing an effort,

She will never fall for ever…

There will be tries,

Not once or twice…

But till the time she will fly…

Fly high,

High in the sky of her dreams…

She will aim to fly…

Doubling the efforts,


The determination,

She will try to achieve her aim…


Will continue to try,,

Try till the time,

Her aims embrace her tight…



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