Own It!

Life is yours,

Own it in all ways possible

Be it the tough people you come across,

Or life’s circumstances you often face,

Just be at peace with them…

Learn to swim,

If you fear drowning….

Practice positivity in abundance,

If negative factors are abound in your life…

Remember the reason you stepped out of your comfort zone,

Revise your aspirations and dreams,

Make them happen,

Take every path that leads to your destination…

Forget about the hurdles,

They exist everywhere,

In everyone’s life,

No matter,

It’s visible to you,

Or not…

Just focus on your journey,

Keep moving


Running won’t be a far cry for you anymore…

Keep your vision intact,


Your dreams will be right in your lap anytime soon,

Just believe,

Miracles do happen,

Hard work is the key

Unlock possibilities,

Make your life count…



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