I am not Ready to Give Up

This should be the spirit. I am so touched.

My Take On Disability

Dear Vision Impairment, you cannot deter me,
Unless I give up on myself.
I have always adored you like my child.
Like any other part of me, you are precious to me.
You remind me of my uniqueness, strength and abilities.
You may push me in the background because of lack of awareness in the world,
But I know what I can do and I surely will figure out the paths.
Sympathy is not what I want,
It is the last thing in the world I shall relish.
People always end up showing an emotion to me,
But it would really be better,
If they show me their love and empathy rather than sympathy;
And I shall always appreciate that!
And yes, till the last breath of my life,
I shall keep on loving you my dearest impairment!

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