Is it Destined to Happen!

Such a positive post. Never give up 🙂

My Take On Disability

Moments are there that suck out the energy out of me,
But there is always a persistent meek voice within me;
It screams: “something better is destined to happen.”
I can faintly feel it coming, yes, I can,
But the path and hiccups at every stage make me wobble.
Perhaps, I cannot?
No, Divya You can!
This is what I remind myself, even when the paths seem to be waning.
Alone I may be at times,
But that is okay as long as my Lord backs me!
I agree, life is not a bed of roses,
And the sooner we all understand it, the better we can deal with it.
Whenever I feel like giving up,
I hear myself saying: “something better is Destined to Happen!”

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