My Corner

Fully Agreed with this. Do you feel the same?

My Take On Disability

My corner is beautiful,
Emotions, feelings, anger and appreciation make it so!
The world is massive,
And I too own a piece of it.
Maybe not millions of people in my close-knit & adored corner,
But there is supreme warmth in my corner that preserves it.
Challenges, difficulties, problems and trials,
They are all the diverse textures of life.
But once there is a beautiful and bold corner you own,
You can get through all that life throws at you!
A few fellows, my furry friends, a couple of gadgets and my screen readers,
These are the bricks that make my perfect corner!
Do you also have an adored corner?
Listen, don’t’ crave for a hollow, dubious mansion,
Rather strive for a rich, heartfelt corner!

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  1. Loved it..!!
    Oh…the thoughts flowing from here and there….trying to say everything….in most effective way….the comparisons….the emotions…the routine things….great….!

    Liked by 1 person

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