Belittling- A Big No!

Hi guys, how are you all? Its been long that I have published an article here on A Canvas To Describe Feelings. Well, I hope all of you are doing good, and doing wonders in your life. Today, I am with a piece that surrounds hurdles in career, pitfalls in the journey to success, and hurdles in the way forward. There are times in life when we come across unexpected bumps that not only decelerate our pace of leading life but also push us to stop and feel bad about us.

Have you ever felt back-to-back rejections at something that you have been getting easily in the past but now the things seem to have changed altogether. Such scenarios open the door to negative thoughts for you. You begin to feel incompetent, undeserving, loser, and your confidence as well as self-esteem hit an unexpected low.

Be it a personal hurdle or a professional one, there comes a time when you start to question your capabilities, and begin to think so low about yourself. But, listen to me, this is exactly the time when you need your own support the most. No matter how many rejections, questions, hurdles, or problems cross your path, never let yourself question who you are and what all you are capable of doing and achieving in life? Instead, shift the focus towards how life continues to provide you with countless reasons to be thankful for, be grateful for, and smile.

When you foresee dark clouds of low emotions or thoughts coming your way decide to stick to your ground, while placing all your focus on what all life has gifted you so far. You can also indulge into some creative activities, or start doing one of your hobbies, this way  you will be better able to let go of all those low thoughts and emotions without them taking a toll on you.

The crux is never question the creature created by the God- yourself. Instead, seek ways to love yourself ever more during in troublesome time, and life will soon favor your ways of leading a life. So, start now, smile, and keep on moving forward no matter how heavy life feels like.

Until we meet next, spread smiles, and share your experiences. Also, feel free to share your view and suggestions about my post. I am always eager to hear from all of you.

Sending love and smiles your way,

Kavya 🙂




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