Do I Need to Change?

Can’t Agree Anymore! Beautiful Post 🙂

My Take On Disability

In this ruthless world, people have cold hearts.
I remember how parents taught us to benign,
But I wonder was that really right?
Nurtured with the principles of kindness and helping hand,
Now I witnessing the cunning hearts and callous minds winning the paths.
Should I feel glad or pity for possessing a compassionate heart?
There goes on a turmoil within my mind day and night,
Do I need to stay the way I was once told or embrace the crafty routes?
The heart whispers to remain composed and calm,
But the dynamic mind yells, there is no space of benevolent souls.
Right and wrong have no space on the plate of world,
Only the ones grab the spotlight who change with the demand of shores.
It is nowhere wrong to state; today right is what a powerful man says!

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  1. That Depends, You don’t change when you know you are making a difference to the world or somebody’s life to the society you know you are strong within and nobody can make you break you. But you change ,when you know you will loose something precious do not let the cunning heart win because that’s what they want they want you out of the game. Because nobody cares you take one step at a time, you observe. TIME HEALS EVERYTHING


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