Just Go With the Flow!

When the times are tough,

The precious ones show their back,

Something just flows in,

Maybe it’s the God who empowers you with the capacity to deal….

The times might get rough at times,

But just believe whatever happens, happen for a reason…

May be its the mask that falls off,

Or an eye opening phase…

May be its just temporary,

Or it’s going to remain that way forever…

Face the reality,

Have faith in your God’s ways….

Go with the flow,

Embrace respect and truth,

Not everyone gets a life,

While you have got it,

Make the most out of it…



  1. Precious one turn back when they are influenced by negativity. BRING THEM BACK .Love can conquer all.Sometimes you are blessed with the best but few hurdles on the way.

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  2. That’s a beautiful perspective towards life. Thank you for sharing such a delightful post! I wish you a happy new year, sincerely hope that this year you & your family get the gift of eternal joy. 🙂

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