I Owe You Strength!

Seeing you pave,
Pave way out of the sealed roads…
Making your WILL your torch,
Inner strength your Fuel,
I have seen you taking the roads unimaginable…

Out of the countless invisible shackles,
I have often seen you grow
Where the world gives up,
I have seen you standing tall…

Be it the judgments made by the silly,
Or the thinking of people that often goes so low,
I have seen you grow,

Wounded by some people’s selfish motives,
You still manage to keep yourself inflow…
Why ever feel even a bit less for yourself,
When all you have witnessed is not something anybody can survive…

O my darling,
Empowering so many people around,
How dare you ever think you are insufficient?
For once see yourself from my eyes,
& the eyes of the ones who look up to you…
You are the epitome of ‘NEVER GIVE UP‘ spirit,
Drenched in the go-getting spirit always,
I know you are a lot more than what all we would ever be..

Just remember,
You are the torchbearer for many,
A ray of ‘I can’ in many lives,
Never think any less of yourself,
For you are the loved and bravest child of Lord!



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