It’s Been A Year! Juni♥️

You have gone for long now,
Its been a year, Dude…
I miss you,
Miss you to an extent you don’t know…

The memories are still fresh,
Like you are just around…
Now gone,
You were indeed once around…

My happy place,
The apple of my life,
My furball,
My Juni…

I often wait for you to come in my dreams,
For you were my instant proton…
Be it the moments we spent together,
or the days I annoyed you like hell…
Every bit of every moment,
I remember…

I remember you,
All of YOU…
For you mattered a lot to me,
Still do…
Always will …

You still beat deep in my heart,
I Miss You, Juni…



  1. Wow Kavya!! What a wonderful tribute of love for Your Beloved, Juni!! They really are part of the family and not just a pet!! How can you not miss that unconditional love!!! SO, very sorry for your loss, My Dear!!
    xoxo 🌹🌹😢😢

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    • Thank you so much dear. The pawprints that dogs leave on heart never lighten or fades away. Dogs are the best. Epitome of unconditional love, indeed! 🐕🦮🐕‍🦺♥️


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