Never have I ever imagined life,

Life without you..

The feeling of being called unwanted,

Being taken foregranted,


The fact that I don’t matter to you anymore…

These things hit me in my face,

With its noise still echoing in my ears,,,

Pinning that balloon of misconception I had,

That you love me,

Like I do…


Was I fool,

Or You were too smart?

God knows,

You made me yours,


Suddenly weren’t the you I thought you to be…


Why, You always colored me different from you all,

When I always wore the color you cherished….

Why you took my heart away,

Only to break it into countless pieces soon after…..

God Knows,

May be,

If only,

What if…

There’s so much You owe me,

You owe me, ME…

That you took away from me forever…

You owe me a lot,

You owe me,







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