I Got You!


I know,

it won’t sound good,

won’t be a breeze to your ears,

but yes,

I got you

I could now relate,

relate to the actions that lacked depth,

the coincidences that weren’t actually ones,

the self-blame that never really meant to exist…

I got you,

I couldn’t deserve you,

for you were too shallow,

while I always dared to survive the depths…

If only you could think with your heart and mind,

you could see me crystal clear,


not through the lens of someone else…

I was the white paper,

you colored your way..


did I really deserve to be in the bin?

I got you,

You never desired to love,

but only be loved…

Clutched in the orthodox chains,

You could never breathe some fresh air…

I got you,

Still i chose you,

over and over again…


did i really deserve to lose myself?

When all I focused on was to keep you happy,

For me, you and I were WE…



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