O Lord!

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  1. The mistakes we can find mostly in our ego/mind – if things do not turn out as we want them, as we expect them to be – then the problem starts between two people who love each other, but collide with different expecations. It is not easy at all to allow someone to be as he or she is. We have to learn: live and let live and the less we have expecations the less we have disappointments.

    Thanks for sharing, my friend
    All the best

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    • Thanks Didi. I agree with you. But what can be done when you love somebody to an extent that you change yourself, your entire life just because the one you love wants it to happen. But, even after all this, you never get the priority in that person’s heart and life. You no longer recognise yourself, for you are drenched in blind love and in the process you have lost yourself and the other person just not bother to talk l, stand by love and sort out.

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      • Dear Kavya,
        Unfortunately, it too often happens that in the process of getting to know each other better it turns out that pot and lid do not fit – the love is then in a state of despair and suffers – so what can we do that love is not just limited to a certain time? – First we have to get to know ourselves – but many people say: O yes, I know myself best – but is this really true? We do so many things automatically without putting our consciousness into it and our mind is playing with us without being aware of it. It colours our emotions in many different facets, it ranges from happiness till anger, hate and so on – but we have never questioned why it is like that – also this happens like an automatism (the different states of mind like a chameleon changing its colours). So we have to dive into ouselves to find the reason why our mind is reacting like this or that, why it makes us say this or that because there are always motives behind and these motives we have got disclose, to discover, then we learn much more about ourselves. This will surely help us when we come together with a partner and we then are able too, to see if there is true love, unconditional love, selfless love. We all are in the making, but conscious we can only aquire when we deeply dive into our own deeds, words and thoughts and question them too.

        All the best to you, Kavya and hope you will come out of this crisis soon that the sun may shine in your heart again.

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