Will You Give Up?


Hi Guys, how are you all doing? Its been so long that I have written such a conversational sort of post on the website. Trust me, the wait is over, as I am back, with experiences to discuss, positivity and smiles to spread.

So, have you ever thought that life is unfair? I am sure, you must have. Its quite common, especially in a world like we live in today. If you are a vegetarian, it doesn’t mean the lion won’t kill you. As simple as that. There comes a time, you ought to ask your lord, why me? What did I do wrong? Whether I missed something or lacked at something? and whatnot. There are hell lot of questions that pop up and fight to be answered. Alas, if only there was somebody to answer them in real.

Life is unfair, the sooner you accept it, the better it will be for you. If you are a good human, it doesn’t mean, you are just going to meet people like you. You might think the other person to be of your kind, but maybe he/she is not. You see the world through a good lens, because your heart is good, and believe me it is not the truth. There are many types of people, some sugar-coated knives, to some blunt sweethearts. What all matters is what lies behind the way they speak, act, observe, or show.  My point is don’t judge anybody or believe anybody soon. Both ways you are digging a hole for thyself. So, observe, shut your heart to feel, especially until others give you solid and relevant reasons to feel for them. Believe me, it kills your heart when you end up loving somebody madly, and that somebody doesn’t give a single thought to how you feel. It pains, when you suffer, and the love of your life see you suffering but choose not to act or stand for you.

So, Will You GIVE UP?

Tell me? What would you do? If you make somebody your life, and for that somebody, you don’t even matter? Will you give up? Come on, tell me? Is your life so worthless for you that you will choose to leave your side? Why? What was your fault? You loved, respected, make the person your life, put in your 200%, and now if the other person can’t see it, will you too ditch yourself? Come on, its common to feel it because it pains, and such thoughts take over.

But, what I want you to believe in is that, love is a beautiful feeling, keep loving, this time to somebody much more deserving, and nobody will make a pick or choice better than yourself. Love yourself. By now you know the power of your love, and how strong your emotional side is, so why not emotionally invest in the self?

Believe it, everything happens for a reason. You are heartbroken and shattered today. It’s fine, take your time, as long as you want, but just don’t give up. Life is beautiful, just shift your bets from that toxic relationship or person to your self, and you will see what life can surprise you with.

So, what do you think? Feel free to open up, and share your feelings, or what would you suggest to somebody going through such a phase of life.

PS- I picked the pen as my armor and made my brush my wings. I am all set to take a flight to a mentally healthier and happier life.

That’s all for today. Its time to bid adieu.

Meet you with another ink, another topic, this time soon.

Keep smiling, never forget you are the best in your own way. You are unique. Never let anybody take away your spotlight while you are on the stage called life.

Stay positive.










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