20th June- It Hurts!


The irony of life,

Happy day, painful memories…

This day,

United us then,

Tearing me apart today…

Those shots right in my heart,

Pain even more than ever today…

Reminiscing the moments spent together,

The heart is aching beyond expression…

Brimming with pain,

The heart is dying to blast…

Wanting to end it all,

Life is suddenly looking nothing but a merely broken glass…

Countless promises,

None stand true…

Your words of togetherness,

Are nowhere real or visible around…

The hands that promised to hold,

Nowhere are seen now…

Marking the day of our togetherness,

June 20th is

Piercing my heart every second more and more…

Carrying the love so deep for you,

Somebody, please wake me up when this day ends!

Drenched in pain and feelings for you,

The heart no more wishes to stay awake…

With the sights of us all over,

Pain is so unbearable…

With the feelings bleeding for so long,

I am unable to bear any more at all…

On top of the miseries, O Lord,

Comes the day You and I became ONE!

Wrecked by the blows of your false promises,

The heart is crying to be saved…

With every next breath of mine,

Life is looking so tough to lead…

O Lord,

You made it the big day for me then,

Give me the courage to pass this day now…

With emotions so deep,

Wounds wide open,


Visions so clear in my mind,

I am unable to bear,

Bear this life at all…

O’ Lord,

Help me,


I need it the most!

I loved you, Damn it!



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