To add to her struggle,
Her own people played a card..
A card she could handle easily,
But the very initiative by them left a void in her heart…..

The place where love always blossomed,
Blossomed selfishness this time..
Unaware of the altering scenario,
She got caught in an ugly web of politics..

Having taken it to heart already,
She was shocked..
To her surprise,
She was the one blamed for everything..

Taking that thing hard to the heart,
She decided to grow out of it..
The spark that she was missing,
Finally was on a comeback track..

Let there be tears,
She will use them to clean eyes..
Let there be disappointment,
She will learn to expect from herself only..
Let there be pain,
She will feel it full-heartedly..

Last but not the least,
Let there be change.



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