SMILE, as if it’s your last time!

There might come a point when you’ll feel lonely. That is when your creativity will be like your best friend. – Shahrukh Khan

Be your own guardian,
Be your own hope,
Be your own strength,
Be your own companion,
Your life is to be lived by you.

Make your struggles your strength,
Turn your pain into power,
Emotions into the experience…

You are meant to be loved,
Never let anything change it.
Your life is your path,
Go on, face the hurdles, and flourish…

Life is not meant for regrets,
It’s should be rewarding…
Pick your happy place,
Safeguard it…
It could be anything or anybody…

Life is to be lived,
You are valuable,
God creates no garbage…

Live life,
Love yourself…
Do good,
Feel good,
SMILE, as if it’s your last time



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