This Shall Too Pass!

This shall too pass,
Like after any other night,
The sun will again rise and shine…

Every moment that feels like piercing you today,
Will strengthen the foundation of you tomorrow,
In the depths of darkness,
You will find a treasure of lessons nothing else could teach you.

The shattered pieces of you today,
Will rebuild into a stronger and better version of you…
Out of the invisible shackles,
You will soon take a flight of life…

The page will turn,
The book will keep going…
With the lessons of the past,
You will color a better brighter tomorrow…

Amidst the darkest hour,
You will glow the most…
Wearing experiences as a sword,
Life will no longer be a tough call for you…

Believe in the idea of being strong,
Nurture it with determination,
One day you will be the shield for yourself,
The one you always dreamt you had, then.



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