You Can!

Be it the Sun or the Moon,

Good days or bad days,

The dawn or the dusk,

Don’t stop for a moment…

When the destiny isn’t favourable,

Carve your own path in the canvas of life…

Use your favourite colours,

Orange and Yellow,

Bright and Beautiful…

No comparisons,

No feels,

No what ifs,

No if only,

Just the vibes healthy for you…

Be your own hero,

Present yourself flowers,

Set some realistic yet high expectations from yourself,

Hustle to achieve them…

Write, Recite..

Draw, Glow

Never feel low!



  1. Nice

    दिन बदलते राते बदलती
    बदलता हर पल समय यहा
    बदल जाते इंसानी चेहरे
    तस्वीरे ना बदलती क़भी यहा।।

    माना धुँधली हो जाती जरूर
    यादों समान तस्वीरे यहा
    पर जो दीखे वही सत्य धरा
    सदा तस्वीरे सत्य दिखाए यहा।।

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