As I walked down!

Walking down the aisle,

Least I knew every step neared me to breakdown….

Going through those pictures from the past,

Something felt bad…

It was that true love,

The left over today,

Stupid heart,

Couldn’t read the intentions of the others, right…

Watery eyes,

Blurry sight…

Heart is aching,

But won’t break any more….

Having broken to an unimaginable extent,

The scope is only of getting better…

With the memories of past chained to me,

Every passing moment, the keys multiply….

Key to a happy me,

Key to a healthier me,

Key to me that was once lost in somebody else,

Key to no more tears….

Going through the pictures of the past,

The heart do swell up with pain…

But I am in no mood of losing,

Losing myself for you,

One more time!


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