Either be your own vibe,


Create one that encourages you…

Why be in a place where the vibe is not right,

Where positivity is no where around,

Where you are insulted,

Where you are disrespected,

Where you are made to feel bad about yourself…



Why not be where there is a will,

Where hopes and aspirations are high,

Where there are talks of progress,

Where you are loved,

Where you are valued,

Where you are not used,

Where truth exists,

Where hopes dance on top,

Where smiles go wide cheek to cheek….

It’s all about vibes,

Spread happy vibes,

Vibes that set others free,

Not the ones that bound others….

Create a room of vibes where flying is allowed,

Where wings are not cut-off,

Where new ideas whisper,

Where thoughts are shared,

Where feelings are valued,

Where togetherness exists!



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