Out of the Abyss, Into the Sky!

Dug into the unknown abyss for a while,

She will make her way to the sky soon…

Wrenched in ceaseless pain,

The mayhem will evaporate soon…

Like the blends of yellows and oranges,

The blacks and blues will dilute into beautiful hues…

Moving with the time,

The potholes will fill own their own…

The recklessness of memories,

She will survive…

With an expression, too loud to hear,

With a feeling, too deep to be understood,

With a thought process, too hampered to think about the self,

It’s the mirror she chooses,


Shares this all…

With a blurry sight forward,

She even declines to dive in what’s gone….

But the equilibrium,

It isn’t easy to maintain for long….



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