Hi everyone, I hope all of you are doing good. Well, have you ever faced a situation wherein you know what’s the right thing for you but at the same time you can’t ignore that it is not something that will comfort your heart. There are times, you are perplexed and can’t really ask for suggestions. Why? Because, you are so sure that nobody would be able to understand How are you feeling!

Sometimes, your mind has the clarity the heart just not give the go-ahead signal. Why life has to take us to situations where have to step over our heart and choose mind. Why, there are some decisions that you have to take no matter how difficult they are. Why?

Why you can’t just skip some decisions. Why you can’t continue on the path of your heart. Why this life has to have such complex phases. Why can’t it be a slight soothing.


So, what will you do if you get into a situation wherein you have to choose between the heart and mind.



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