Happy Mother’s Day ❤️👩‍👧

Happy Mother’s Day 👩‍👧❤️

Every day is Mother’s Day.
There can’t be a well wisher better than Mother,
There can’t be a better day than one spent with Mother...

I am blessed,
Blessed to be raised by a warrior like Mother.
On the days when I lose the will to keep going,
She fills me with a never give up spirit.

She helped me come out of a phase,
People usually succumb to...
When Life turned my journey upside down,
She introduced me to a newfound hope...
When I was clutched in invisible shackles,
She helped me break them and come out of them.

She enables me,
To face every struggle and pain boldly.
Things go wrong in life,
Unexpected tragedies happen,
I am thankful to God,
For sending me on this Earth as her daughter.

When I hit the rock bottom,
She pulled me out,
Introduced me to the sky full of dreams,
A sky where inner strength is the key that empowers wings.

I can’t fall weak,
Never give up,
I look up to my Mother,
Times were worse,
Things were tough,
I never saw my Mother giving up in life.

Love you Maa❤️👩‍👧
Happy Mother’s Day❤️
Sushma Sharma


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