Smile your pain away!

Smile, no matter how hard it becomes,
A smile can instantly help you feel better,
Look around,
Smiling faces are contagious,
They help you feel good.

Even when you feel like crying,
Dare to smile with tears rolling down your cheeks,
Something in you will lift you,
Smile it helps.

Trust me,
There are times,
Things are unfavourable,
Everything feels like a nightmare,
Those are the times,
When a smile can help you heal the most.

Pass a smile to the self in the mirror
To anybody else around,
The optimistic and happy vibe will instantly surround you.
Not just you,
But the ones you pass a smile heal.

You can make or break your day,
I agree some days are heavy,
Some days you don’t feel like waking up,
Some evenings you feel annoyed,
Some nights you feel sad and cry to sleep,
The thing about you that matters the most is,
You never give up!
Be proud of yourself!


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