Key Takeaways from the Worst Phase of My Life

Hi readers, how are you all? Well, I would love to hear from you all about how you are gearing up for this new normal world and the mantras you followed to stay resilient during the challenging times. I hope you are doing well, have been vaccinated, and have taken the necessary precautions to stay safe and healthy. 

Well, on this note, let’s begin. Today, I will share a powerful realization that I had recently, owing to all the pain that I suffered since the day I got married. So, in continuation to my post “The year that changed my life,” which talks about the abyss I was in and the marriage that was all a trap and nothing else, here I am to share some of the takeaways from the worst phase of my life.

So, let’s get going.

I won’t say I never cried, felt depressed, frustrated, pained, broken, and all the synonyms that you can think of for pain, pain, and pain. So, times were tough, I shook too, but I never gave up. I faced the circumstances boldly; the entire Divorce process with courage, and it’s all over now. 

“I never gave up.”

Things were never easy. The moment the Divorce process started, my world turned upside down, with thousands of thoughts feeding on my mind and emotions engulfing me like leeches. But, I made sure nobody at my work or anybody, in general, could sense my vulnerability and kept myself shielded with a touching look, confidence, and a smile that made the world look like everything was fine. 

But, trust me, deep inside, I was dead to an extent wherein I wanted to talk, speak up and share my feelings, fears, pain, and everything possible, but instead, the intensity never allowed me to express myself fully. The thought that nobody could understand me, I chose to keep a lot of stuff to myself. The pain grew, but my ‘never give up’ spirit stayed intact. 

“Pain grew but my never give up spirit also stayed intact.”

Divorce, yes, it’s done. I never thought I would be getting divorced, but this was all destined for me. I couldn’t do much. 

So, on that note, here are some takeaways from the worst phase of my life:

  • You can overcome anything thing. Just have faith in yourself and God as well. 
  • Pain is unavoidable, but you can surely choose to stand tall and keep going. 
  • God answers! Trust me. I won’t say God will erase your problems, but you will get the inner strength to keep going. 
  • Depressive thoughts flood your mind but believe me, shunning them away is possible. 
  • Don’t let what society would say or people are saying decide what’s right or wrong for your life. It’s your life, so prioritize your mental and physical health. 
  • You can’t change what is there written in your life. Just choose to go through every phase of life boldly and learn and grow during the process. 
  • No matter how loyal and loving you are, those who met you with wrong intentions will never value you. 
  • Never love anybody to any extent that you start undervaluing yourself.
  • Respect others but don’t leave yourself behind. 
  • You are capable of doing great things. 
  • Be unapologetically you. People will judge you anyway. 
  • Divorce is not you. It’s just something painful destined to happen in your life. 
  • Never let a bad phase harden you and stop you from being kind. 
  • Love yourself and the life that God has gifted you. 
  • Don’t trust everyone. Not every person who claims to care is genuine. 
  • Trust your gut feeling/intuition. 
  • Nobody is perfect. Imperfections are beautiful.
  • Love can never make you weak. Even if you truly loved someone, got married, and that person was a piece of **** and tortured you, made you taste hell, and you still don’t want ill of them, it’s totally fine.
  • You are no less than anybody. 
  • Always be kind, compassionate, and loving. Don’t let a bad phase and pain change the wonderful person that you are.  

So, on that note, never give up on yourself and life. You need to face a fear to overcome it. Just keep trying to feel better, do better and embrace change confidently. 

Embrace courage. It is all that you need to have to keep going even when you hit rock bottom. 

This was just a quick piece on some takeaways from my rollercoaster ride of getting married to suffering, being tortured, and divorced in the end. 

Divorce is a painful thing, but you have to get up for yourself and embrace your pain, broken pieces, and everything about you tightly when you have no other option left. 

On that note, if you have anything that you want to share with me. Please feel free to pour, and I will be all ears. 

Till we meet again through my next article, stay safe, happy, strong, courageous, and practice self-love in every moment of your life.

Happy reading 🙂

Yours only, 






  1. I can see a fire in those bulleted points.. now its almost nearing an year after this post.. so hope you are feeling good while looking back now.. you are still being an unapologetically you.. much love and power to you..

    Liked by 1 person

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