Takeaway from 2021

Hi everyone, yes, this is New Year’s eve, and instead of partying outside and having those plans, I am spending time with my pen. As these last moments of 2021 slip from our hands and we enter 2022, I have many takeaways to share, but I will mention one that you all can relate to.

Here I go. Never ignore the Red Flags. No matter how dim the red light is, consider it worth paying attention to, or you might end up regretting it later on. For me, 2021 was an eclectic vibe, I had my share of ups and lows, but one thing that embraced me and is not ready to leave is that fact that- why I missed some red flags that cost me so much of my mental peace and heart equilibrium.

I tell you, these if only’s are too painful for anybody to express or vent out fully. In 2021, I realized the power of not paying attention to red flags.

If only I have had paid heed to the red flags related to my ex-husband and in-laws before getting married, pain could never feed on me.

Yes, you read it right. By writing this blog, I am not giving them any importance or something, but just sharing the most important takeaway, I got from 2021. There are quite a few areas I should have had inquired about before getting married, but I am ashamed to say that those masks befooled me. Even after getting divorced, I never thought wrong about any of them, but yes, what pinched me the most is that face that- why me? How could I miss some underlining details about them back then at the time of the wedding? They were spineless, and this is the first time I am saying so. Why? Because in one of the recent revelations but somebody who knew them inside out, I learned how low those people got to satisfy their fake ego. Torture is an understatement for them.

A large part of my 2021 went by in thinking why I didn’t pay heed to those clear red flags. It could have saved me from the pain that initially was visible on my face, talks, etc. But, lately has seeped into me in the form of silence. I moved on but that pain and thought of how evil somebody can be, cross my mind like wind on some days. How could somebody stage fakeness so perfectly and hide everything about them? How do they sleep at night? Don’t they feel heavy after torturing somebody and spoiling so many lives?

Damn it. I sometimes feel proud of myself for having survived. When I look back today, I get to see that I was literally among the vultures. They were the leeches who such my emotions, peace of mind, life, and a lot I couldn’t express in words. I feel silly as well, that how could I love somebody and his family so much while they continue to belittle me and make me feel bad every day.

Life, I tell you, is a journey to live tastefully, but you should never snub your that inner voice that whispers a red flag alert. 2021, you were primarily painful, but I am still learning the lesson you taught me.

Never avoid red flags in life, no matter how much you love somebody.

Bye 2021, you were a lesson I will never forget. Thanks, but no thanks for being there.

Dear 2021, you were a badass for my betterment.

On this note, I would love to hear from your all. Pain is a part of everyone’s life, so is happiness. So, let’s cheer up and welcome 2022 with wide-open arms.

Loads of love. Take care.

Signing off

— बेबाकWriter

— SanguineWordsmithWithABrush



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