Hanji Beta!

And you have people in life,
Who guide you rightly.
Ones who genuinely care,
And you call them for guidance without thinking twice.
Such was you Bunty Chachaji Hemant Sharma.
You were an astrology expert.

You have been a gem of a person,
Still difficult to process that you are gone.
You left too soon,
“Abhi toh aapne mujhe bahut guide krna tha”
You said don’t worry Kavya,
I am there,
You can call me anytime.
I will help you out with astrology.
But now…..

Rest in peace, Chachaji.
Love you.
Regards always Chachaji 🙏🏻
You will be missed.
Sudden goodbyes are painful. 😞💔

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