Hello World,

I am Kavya, if you google it, it means, ‘Poetry’. And guess what, Poetry and writing run in my nerves, what a gorgeous coincidence. Well, professionally I am from journalism and media background, and have worked in newspapers, and tried my hand on different forms of media. But, nothing enticed me as much as writing. After spending years in media, I jumped into IT, but kept my roots firmly in writing, only. That’s it, here I am working as Associate Manager, (Content) Marketing for an IT company.

Let’s keep professional things aside, as life is much more than that. So, talking about my journey of life, it literally revolves around writing, be it quotes, articles, or poems, you will always find me surrounded by words, expression, pen, and paper. My soul dances on the rhythm of words. Apart from this, I sketch, sketch about everything I write. I want to confess: 3am stories are amazing, be it the aura, thought-flow, or emotional flood, everything is at peak.

Also, I am a regular writer on an application too. You can reach me there too. So, what are you waiting for, just dive into my quotes for once at least, at https://www.yourquote.in/kavya-s-86s/quotes/ and I assure you won’t regret.

Let’s share stories about writing; how words make the heart skip a beat; how the rhyme of verses touches the soul, and everything that any passionate writer can relate to.

Happy Reading.


  1. Hi, Kavya! Thank you for following A Couple of Stars and a Happy Face. I haven’t been writing much lately but I have been reading – and I have enjoyed reading through your posts. I look forward to reading more!

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  2. Hi Kavya

    Hope you’re keeping well. I’m not sure whether you remember me, I used to blog at WaywardScribbles. But recently I’ve launched my new website. It’ll mean a lot to me, if you could pay a visit and share your thoughts on it.


    Hoping to see you around. Thank you!


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