Just Remember!


I never meant to leave you,

I never meant to hurt you,

Could I have only stayed..

We would be going on in life

Smiling, giggling, Happy happy,

With all the plans we made

But now all the times have changed..

Hopes and dreams we shared,

Are nothing just sweet memories..

Remember the times you used to,

Make me laugh by your jokes..

Remember  the good times,

 the joys we have shared..

Remember how you came into my life,

And how i ignored you,

And kept you aside….

But Remember,

All I know now is,

I really cared..

Think back on all the chit-chats

And wipe away your sorrows

Don’t stay in the past,

Now is the time to move fast..

Move on in life,

Every day is a brand new start..

Just remember..

I never meant to leave you

But some things are just not possible..


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