Hi Five, Hello Five!!


A random gym visit,

An unplanned gym journey,

A normal fitness trainer,

A usual consulting person,

A fellow gym individual,

An old friend,


The bonding we ended up into…

Taking the journey of fitness,

I got a bunch of silly friends,

Bonded with leg-pulling,

Taunts, and video calls…

The five of us,

Totally different,



United in a way,

Nobody can say we were strangers 3 months back…

Unexpected friendship,

Unexplored bonds…

Loads of memories,

Gonna miss you all….

Taking a seat in my heart,

You all sealed your place well…

Collecting the moments with you,

Countless emotions I felt…

Having separated by the distance now,

I won’t let time take us away…

With a promise to stay connected,

We stand tall…

Not just for the time being,

But for the entire life yet to come….

That’s how I feel,

For this bunch of five….

My buddies,

My friends for life,…

Love you All…

Manjinder Mam 🙂

Jerry Sir 🙂

Pooja Mam 🙂

Raman  🙂




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