A Couple’s Plight Like No Other!


In the drizzling dews,

Lay the hope to shine…

In the broken heart,

Rests a place for the pain…

In the night’s blurry sights,

He appears so wide…

Close in the heart,

But, never in the miles…

Turning the hugs into hiccups,

Kisses into the keenness,

He resides so far,

Shoving her like she was never at par…

At par with love, he never showered,

The extent of care he never did…

Versed with her love for him,

He forgets even she needs some…

Feeding on the doubts,

Created by others…

He often blames her…

Sighted with just one kind of love,

To him, her love stands nowhere…

Offering all that she has got,

Be it the love or the care,

He dismisses everything as if nothing she has got…

That’s the plight of a couple,

Where the lover is blamed,

Questioned forever


Trusted never…



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