My Lifesaver!

In the abyss,
Whenever I found myself,
It was always her hand that never left my wrist…
Pulling me out of all the crisis,
That life put me into,
She always stood by me,
Like a rock-solid pillar…

Even today,
When I fall short of self-esteem,
She brims me with the ‘I can’ stream…
Scolding, pampering, teaching, motivating,
She does everything,
Like a package,
Emergency lifesaver package,
Who was designed to be my twin…

Be it the ups or the lows of life,
She keeps me balanced when I fly,
Motivated when I fall…

An epitome of the angel,
We hear in those hypothetical flicks or books…
She brings that ‘Angelic’ figure to life,
For me…

I owe everything to the Lord,
For making me her twin sister…


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