Live, Rise & Shine!

Caricature of Michelle Obama

So you are finding it tough to go on?
Try staying still and feel dead instead then.
Feeling any better?
Even worse?

Come on,
Shrug off the dust of why!
Instead, look for the light,
Shine and motivation…
It’s not around,
It’s within…

Trust me,
Swim within you for once,
You will find a treasure of potential…

Look at Michelle Obama,
Do you feel inspired?
Well, you should…

You can be all that you think you can,
Just stick to your efforts,
Live, laugh, work hard, and smile more…

Those little things around you that
You often miss noticing,
Are in fact the most fulfilling parts of life…

Like the drops make an Ocean,
Little moments and things in life make you…
Squeeze them to the utmost,
Once gone there’s no comeback for them…


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