Keep Smiling!😊 #Poetry #Art

A smile may not cure the damage done,
But can sort a lot.
A smile can instantly make you feel better,
Just look at the smile,
A smile is something that spreads a positive vibe.
Think about it,
You will feel it.

Let bygones be the bygones,
What has to happen happens anyways,
You can’t keep things from happening,
But you can decide how to take it.

The future is yet to come,
The present is in your hand,
Choose to smile,
Thank God for everything,
Everything that taught you something,
Made you stronger,
Encouraged you to value yourself,
Helped you understand that shit exists in this world!

Believe in yourself and God,
Know that your smile can brighten up so many faces,
Choose to be courageous and brave,
Smile and let go what’s gone!

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