Sorry, I lied!!

I'm sorry_0

Hello guys, how are you doing? I hope you are doing great in life. You know what we often worry about people getting upset, angry, or hurt because of our actions or may be words. But, I ask you, have you ever thought the same in your case. I mean, have you ever pondered about upsetting, hurting, or making yourself angry? No, why? Because, it about you, and you will definitely be okay with the self sooner or later.

Lately, I realized that we often take ourselves for granted, in the process of making others happy. But, what about our happiness? Does anybody give a damn thought about it? And the worst part is that even we leave ourselves alone.

So, with this thought process up in my mind, I recalled all the times I treated myself badly. Having spent some time on the same, I end up saying, “Sorry, I lied” to myself. The reason is something all of us have done to ourselves at some point in life. So, you want to know why I said these three words to self? Here you go:

After thinking for a while, I felt bad about self. I felt bad about how I underestimated myself countless times; how I snubbed myself, everything I tried telling myself about I can do something; how I thought of myself as incapable, and what not? Gosh, the list goes on. And, all this proved to be a lie, why? Because I ended up accomplishing every single thing, I once told myself I can’t do.

That is it. That’s how I lied to myself, the self that was so sure, but I didn’t invest faith in it. But, as they say, all is well that ends well, here I am with this realization, at last.

Here I am with what to do to avoid such a mess:

  • Never underestimate yourself, until you try.
  • Try, you might accomplish. At least, you will learn.
  • Have faith in self, you definitely are capable of doing a lot more than what you think.
  • Forgive yourself, nobody else will be that generous to you ever.
  • Love yourself, you are capable of making you, the you, you always desired to become.
  • Trust your instincts. At least, give them a shot.

On this note, it’s time to bid adieu, for now. So, happy reading, make the most out of yourself and remember I am always there, just in case you need a somebody to share your thoughts, for I believe, life will become a lot more beautiful if we lend an ear to others and genuinely be kind.

A short happy verse to make your smile a little wider:

Hold that beautiful body strongly,

When the world shakes you…

Focus on your smile,

And the tears will just add to its beauty…

Lend yourself a hand,

And the soul will never let you feel alone…


On this note,




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