Learning Self-Discipline, the hard way!!


After all those trials in vain,

It’s time to pick strictness over leniency…

For having given chances time and again,

I should have finally learned to ‘let it be’…


Time and again,

I have been hurt…


Time and again,

I have promised self to not repeat it…


The process never really ended…


Again and again,

I have put in efforts,

Alas, didn’t stick to them for long…

Now, when all drown in the mess,

It’s time to be hard on self…

No more chances,

No more I will’s,

It’s the show time,

Time to change the deadlines to now…


Time to execute every self-improvement task,

Now or never…

No more procrastination,

No more leniency…


It’s time,

Time to pull up the socks…

Time to learn,

Learn self-discipline, the hard way…


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