Careless Lover!!


The love so deep,

Yet so incomplete…

The feelings so strong,

Yet so hollow….

Oh, thy lover,

You be the epitome of love…

But, not…

The host of obsession and insecurities…

Let there be just love,




They are enough…

For money can never buy happiness,

Showoffs can’t feed souls,

The pain never fades away in lavish lifestyles…

All she needs and ever needed was,

A passionate lover…

For the time spent together,

You emerged as a careless lover…

A lover who hardly takes a second to doubt her,

A caretaker, who never really cared…


A partner, that only existed when he felt like…


It’s the intense lover,

Not a careless one,

That she always sought…

For the mercy of God,

Love her, not just take her for granted,

For if she once leaves,

You won’t get another like her ever…


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