You are more than that broken piece of you…!


Hi readers how are you doing? I hope you are doing great, all fit and fine reading some really good things. Well, today I am with something everybody comes across but isn’t always visible. Bad phases, ups-and downs, heartbreaks, disappointments, etc. exist in everybody’s life, but the difference is we just focus on ourselves.

Come on, just because a single thing didn’t go along the way you thought, doesn’t mean you suck at living this life. Or, may be that individual you feel for, but he/she doesn’t respect your emotions or takes you for granted. Or even worse, you have lost somebody you were extremely close to? Understand, that all such things, scenarios don’t just exist in your life. They are ingredients of life, and are unavoidable.

Whenever you find yourself in low zone, or feel sad, don’t start belittling every blessing you had or have in life. If you have some bad things in your bucket right now, then don’t forget those opportunities, blessings that also exist.

Instead, of shattering the entire self over that single broken part of you, work on healing it. Life is beautiful, and you don’t need the entire you, or everything perfect to see the beauty of your journey.    Not all those laughing bunches of people or that hot friend of your who uploads a new dashing picture every day, are leading perfect lives. It’s just that they focus more on what they have then that they have lost or never received.

For once, dive into your own life and you will find a treasure enough to keep a smile in your life. Practice team work with your own self. Yes, you are reading it right. When you face a bad phase from one side, don’t forget other sides, wherein there is peace and you are flourishing. Positive thoughts can heal even the worst scenarios.

Pamper your own self, and you won’t seek anybody’s attention, approval or presence. Learn to fix that broken piece of yourself, instead of letting it bring cracks in the rest of your body and soul. Never forget that you are the biggest healer you will ever meet on your journey of life.

Here are some points you should never forget:

  • There isn’t anything like perfect life, you need to live life as if it is perfect to you.
  • Everybody is facing struggles, so stop feeling pity for yourself.
  • Seek strength within, instead of looking for the same in people around.
  • Expectations will never bring you anything more than disappointments.
  • Read at least one positive thought every day.
  • Understand that you are not the center of the universe.
  • Never forget to smile.

The crux is look at your blessings and the things bothering you will soon fade away. So, come on, smile, laugh, love, care, share, you are on a beautiful journey, make the most of it.

Don’t forget, I am just a comment away, feel free to open up with me, you might feel light.

Happy Reading.


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  1. The points coming out of your analysis reasonate with day today life of many a people. Solution tips given are realistic.


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