Free Yourself!!


Hi Guys, How are you all doing? I am here with something I feel we all must try to do to live life in a better way. There are number of restraints, both visible and invisible, that don’t let us move forward.  All of us should free ourselves from everything that holds us back.

I know this is very difficult to do. I myself have many things in life that don’t let me move forward. These are the kind of things that come in the way as hurdles, time and again. They kind of suck the liveliness out of our life.

They can be anything ranging from the thought of the person you really want in your life but can’t have, to the activities or things you want to do but don’t know the right resources. All you need to do is to try to save yourself from getting consumed in such distractions. Life is beautiful, all you must do is set your priorities right.

The most common thing in which all of us get trapped into is attachment. Attachments are big time happiness-suckers that leave the individual empty inside. Attachment is normal, but you must know how to save yourself from the side-effects that accompany. Loving or getting attached to an individual is not bad, but you never know whether your love and care will get reciprocated or not.  So, you must try to free yourself from attachments that can make you your own enemy.

Take time to attach, love others. Put your mind to work and see whether the other person really cares or not, or you might end up in a trouble. Choose the people who choose you, instead of chasing the ones who never really cared.

Don’t be a slave to anything, anybody. Keep your heart free from avoidable pains and betrayals. It isn’t easy to free yourself from something or somebody that really matters to you, but understand that you, yourself are also important to you, and to your family.

Set yourself free from all that makes your heart heavy. There are many things and people I have freed myself from over time, and also are things and people I am trying to free myself from. It isn’t easy at all, but we can’t just give up, right?

So, I am here with some things that you should remember and remind yourself regularly:

  • Choose the ones who choose you.
  • Don’t stick to ones or things that make you feel heavy.
  • Love yourself enough to snub anybody trying to belittle you.
  • Do what you really want to do.
  • If somebody takes you for granted but he/she is very important to you, then, be a silent well-wisher. Keep on caring for them but don’t let them make you feel useless. Let your silence make them realize your value.
  • Pray regularly.
  • Be grateful for everything you are blessed with.
  • Face yourself in the mirror regularly and remind yourself how strong you are.

The crux is nothing comes in easy in life. The life isn’t easy at all, but don’t forget you aren’t weak either. Be brave, stay strong, and face the life right in the face.

I love you all.

Happy Reading.


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